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January 2005

Perspectives: Walk in management's shoes

How my company's cross-training program made me a better security manager. We've all gotten the panicked call: Some user double-clicked an e-mail attachment and infected his department's network with the latest worm. Screens are flickering, workstations are crashing, and the prospect of losing productivity time--and revenue--is looming. Do you understand his pain? His panic? I do. In my enterprise, I've walked in his shoes. Before assuming the role of security technology manager at Wells Fargo, I spent a year training in the company's Leadership Development Program, a rotational study of all the core areas at Wells Fargo Services. The program consists of several weeklong stints in many of the company's critical infrastructure and operations groups--from the data center to on-site customer service. I experienced firsthand employees' and managers' tolerance for lost integrity, availability and confidentiality. I worked as a proof operator in the check-processing department and answered help desk calls. With each passing week, I ...

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