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Access "SIM and NBA product combination is powerful"

Published: 22 Oct 2012

"1+1=3" It actually adds up when you combine SIM and NBA. Do you really know what your network and security infrastructure is trying to tell you? On one hand, you may want to invest in one of the increasingly sophisticated SIM/SEM products, which can collect, correlate and analyze data from hundreds of devices and applications. On the other, your network and security people may lust after one of the network-based analysis (NBA) tools, which process flow data to help monitor and regulate network health and sound the alarm when anomalous behavior signals a possible security issue. Or, you can have both in one package. The recent announcement that Mazu Networks (NBA) and eIQnetworks (SIM) are collaborating on an integrated product underscores the trend toward convergence in these markets. "This was something we were hearing from our customers," says Charles Kaplan, chief technology strategist at Mazu. "They are using Mazu to triage events from their SIM, swiveling between them." "We see customers looking at two different solutions independently, so we're ... Access >>>

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    • Malware Analysis

      Norman SandBox Analyzer Pro

    • Rootkit detection and removal know-how

      Get advice on how to detect malware and rootkits and the best ways to achieve rootkit removal and prevent hacker attacks.

    • Logical, physical security integration challenges

      Integrating physical and IT security can reap considerable benefits for an organization, including enhanced efficiency and compliance plus improved security. But convergence isn't easy. Challenges include bringing the physical and IT security teams together, combining heterogenous systems, and upgrading a patchwork of physical access systems.

    • SIM and NBA product combination is powerful

      The recent announcement that Mazu Networks, a provider of network-based analysis (NBA) tools, and eIQnetworks, a supplier of SIM products, underscores the trend towards convergence in the NBA and SIM markets. The value proposition is clear: two useful network/security data analysis tools in one integrated package.

    • Virtualization

      BufferZone Enterprise

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