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Published: 19 Oct 2012

Database activity monitoring (DAM) has emerged as a powerful and effective tool for security and compliance. By design, DAM technologies have the ability to monitor all database activity, including administrators, and alert on policy violations. These features enable compliance controls, operations monitoring and data protection not otherwise possible, and does so without interfering with business processes. While the promise to advance security and compliance is significant, not all tools are created equal, with fundamental differences in architectures, database support, blocking capabilities and performance. We'll discuss the business use cases, explore the inner workings of these tools, and make recommendations on evaluating, purchasing, and deploying database activity monitoring. We'll provide a definition for DAM that explains how it differs from database auditing and intrusion prevention systems, and then illustrate these difference in applied use cases for compliance and security tasks. We will then drill into the technology as to understand the ... Access >>>

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