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Published: 16 Oct 2012

What happened to acting for the greater good of the security community? These days it's all about cold, hard cash. Motivation--it's a fascinating human quality to observe. What makes people do the things they do? For some, it's about fame, respect or power. I recently worked at a humanitarian organization where people were motivated by social and economic injustices. Sadly, it appears that the security industry is evolving into one that revolves around the almighty dollar. Over the past decade, the security community has operated on a host of unwritten rules and actions that served the greater good of the community. It was a relatively small community. Security researchers passed on bugs to the appropriate vendors. Patches and code were shared. Best practices and advice were given. As the market evolves and moves from the server room to the boardroom, the rules of business change. It's all about cost-benefit analysis and free-market economies. Vulnerabilities are no longer monetized only by the bad guys. Today, even publicly-traded companies like VeriSign ... Access >>>

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