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Published: 16 Oct 2012

An infosecurity manager's life can be one of aimless repetition, but leadership skills break the cycle. Within an organization, an information security manager is often trapped in an endless cycle year after year, repeating the same old activities, never making any progress. It's just like the namesake movie in which Bill Murray gets stuck in an endless replay of Groundhog Day. For example, what's the first thing an information security manager is expected to do? Create a new policy. In large organizations, most security policies have been replaced several times. Another day, another policy. Were the old policies really not good enough? Did the security manager want to establish authority or just look busy? Murray's character frees himself from the endless repetition of the same day through self-awareness. Taking advantage of experience to affect his own self-improvement, eventually he and Andie McDowell's character wake up Feb. 3 in Punxsutawney. Situa-tional awareness and relentless focus on goals are the ways corporations can escape from their own ... Access >>>

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