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Published: 16 Oct 2012

A trip to Asia shows how security professionals around the world fight the same battles. Right now, I'm in a hotel room. I pull a Perrier out of the minibar, plop down on a soft leather chair and log on with a broadband connection. The room looks exactly like any room anywhere. With the curtains closed, I could be in Boston or Boise. I'm actually in Beijing. True, it's not all that surprising to find the same modern conveniences everywhere in the world. After all, a Hyatt is still a Hyatt no matter where it's located. But on this trip to Asia to meet several of Information Security's international partners, I've discovered that, like hotels, there's not all that much difference between security professionals--regardless of where in the world they live or work. Everyone I met (dozens of security managers, vendors and journalists) and everywhere I went (Taiwan, Singapore and China) seemed familiar. We talked about common topics: managing risk more effectively, making management care about security, and what to do about those dumb users. I had to chuckle. I'd ... Access >>>

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