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Published: 16 Oct 2012

Nmap 4.01 Price: Free's Nmap 4.01 Nmap 4.01 improves on this indispensable free tool with better services, updated OS identification and modest speed improvement.   Nmap is perhaps the best-known port scanner available and the standard against which all others are measured. Freely available from under the GPL license, Nmap will run on just about any operating system in existence, from Microsoft's Windows to your favorite variety of Linux/Unix. At this point in its life cycle, Nmap 4.01's core port-scanning engine is mature, robust and capable of scanning both IPv4 and IPv6 hosts, independent of whether or not they are protected by firewalls. Our lab testing on a SUSE 9 Linux workstation showed improved speed (about 10 percent) over the 3.81 Nmap release with which we compared it. (Information Security reviewed Nmap 3.75 in December 2004.) Considering that a typical SYN scan takes about 1.5 seconds per host, the difference will likely be imperceptible to the user when scanning a small number of machines on a network. ... Access >>>

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