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Access "Understanding the Data Accountability and Trust Act"

Published: 19 Oct 2012

There are currently more than 40 different state and territorial laws that require organizations entrusted with personal identifying information to notify individuals when their information has been exposed to unauthorized parties. These laws range from those only requiring notification to those that mandate full security programs designed to prevent breaches in the first place. They define personal identifying information differently, require different notification processes, and force organizations to deal not only with the victims of the breach, but also the attorneys general of all the states where victims reside. The complexity and cost of notification, let alone the difficulty of ensuring compliance with security program requirements, are daunting. Still, breaches that lead to identity theft happen regularly and people expect organizations to be held accountable for their personal information's security. Politicians have heard the public outcry and have recognized that there is a need for more uniform protection of personal data and more manageable and... Access >>>

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