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January 2007

Core Security Technologies Core Impact 6.0 security tool review

SECURITY TESTING Core Impact 6.0 REVIEWED BY MIKE POOR Core Security Technologies Price: $25,000 for annual subscription @exb @exe Prior to Core Impact, the vast majority of security penetration testers would use "off-the-Web" exploit code, after scouring an application code for backdoors and covert channels. Core Impact changed the security landscape by providing stable, tested and trustworthy exploits for ethical hacking. The latest release of this automated, commercial-grade penetration-testing software platform is an invaluable tool for professional penetration testers and corporate security engineers. Configuration/Management A Installing Core Impact 6.0 was a breeze--download, double-click and enter the long string to decrypt the installation executable. There are two main workflows: The rapid penetration test guides the user through the phases of reconnaissance, exploitation and reporting via a series of menu-driven wizards. You can choose the type of exploits to test, as well as the levels of risk to take (e.g., whether ...

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