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September 2008

Enterprise Security of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Improves Over Other Versions

Huff and puff, but Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is more secure than 2005 and 2000 Database security is critical to protecting your business. The reliance on database technology by organizations, businesses, the interconnected Web, and applications has never been higher. After all, what data is not stored in your backend database these days? @REG Microsoft's SQL Server 2008, released Aug. 6, was brought to market faster than SQL Server 2005 following the 2000 release, because of high demand for additional performance, functionality and security features. What's more, Microsoft faces stiff competition on three fronts: traditional database technology, Web-enabled application platforms and the open source community. Oracle has been releasing almost annually newer versions of its database in specific flavors designed for small business, enterprise, online and government. Sun Microsystems' acquisition of MySQL has spawned a new competitor in the enterprise database market. The post-acquisition credibility of MySQL has grown exponentially...

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