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November 2010

How to use an automated user provisioning system for access control

When organizations think of access management, single sign-on, login credentials and smart cards come to mind. But before a single username and password is issued or a hard token is handed to an employee, the resources and privileges that he or she will access have already been set up. This action of provisioning a user's access is accomplished through a series of request channels, workflows utilized for approvals, and finally the set up of an account or multiple accounts on the organization's application servers. In the past, this was done through a series of coordinated processes and performed by a pool of local administrators. Today, these same functions are commonly done by an automated user provisioning system. However, despite the use of this technology, access management is still a big problem for many organizations. One issue is that the focus of many of these systems is to provision, or on-board, an individual. But the services of deprovisioning, or off-boarding, accounts as an individual changes responsibilities within...

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