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Published: 06 Dec 2012

There's a train leaving for Unemploymentville, and a first-class ticket with your name on it. The good news is the train won't be departing for a few years, so you've got time to cancel your reservation. Over the next five years, you'll see a gradual but unmistakable falloff in the availability of jobs like ISO, CISO, IT security manager and security administrator. In their place you'll see more and more titles like risk officer, application security specialist and security support desk. This change will occur both organically and through executive force. Retiring ISOs won't be replaced with new ISOs; current ISOs will shift some of their responsibilities to the network and systems support staff and be asked to take on new, unfamiliar tasks. Three trends are driving this change. 1. Security is being baked into the core technical infrastructure. It used to be that all network security functions -- content filtering, access control, AAA, anomaly detection, etc. -- were bolted on to the routing and switching fabric through point solutions managed by specialists... Access >>>

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