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September 2004

Web app security devices highlight source code vulnerabilities

Are your Web applications secure? Online businesses apps, which are wide open at port 80, put that question to the test daily. Developed for functionality with little thought to security, custom apps are typically vulnerable to attacks such as buffer-overflow exploits, cross-site scripting and SQL injection. If companies don't lock down their Web apps, security risks will increase as corporate dependency on Internet and intranet applications rises, along with site complexity, language depth and overall functionality. The Web apps' exposure to attack is driving the need for developers with both expert application security and deep programming skills. Faced with the need to develop secure applications in the absence of uniform expertise, organizations have two basic options for improving Web application security: A range of services that employ security development specialists to design, vet and/or troubleshoot applications. A growing field of generally immature but promising products that identify security issues both before and ...

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