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Andrew Briney Published: 01 Jan 2003

An individual's opinion of proposed regulations is motivated by several hard-to-quantify factors. However, two groups--those who either strongly support or strongly oppose security laws--exhibit clear-cut organizational tendencies. Security professionals who feel infosecurity laws will make security at their organization "much better" exhibit the following characteristics: High number of users. High ratio of users to full-time security staff. Low number of reported incidents. These characteristics exemplify an underfunded and overwhelmed security department. Security staff is feeling pinched on all sides. They're responsible for more users than their counterparts at many other companies, and the reason they report fewer incidents is because they don't have adequate resources or time to monitor and detect them. They are searching for answers beyond what they feel their organization is willing or able to provide. In short, they support the prospect of stringent government security regulations because anything's better than the status quo. They feel that ... Access >>>

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