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Kelly White & Yong-Gon Chon Published: 26 Dec 2012

You're feeling pretty good about the security of your Internet-facing infrastructure. You've been diligent about vulnerability assessments and follow-up remediation to close the holes. Your last scan, using a commercial VA scanner or freeware, such as Nessus, revealed no known vulnerabilities. The only two IP addresses visible externally are your mail gateway and the load balancer for your Web servers. Then you start thinking about the corporate sales and procurement applications that reside behind ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (SSL). VA scanners won't touch the possible security holes in these apps--and they almost surely have them. So, what to do? One course is to make use of a relatively new class of tools, Web application scanners, which are designed to find those holes. There are only a handful of products in this space. Information Security put two of them, Sanctum's AppScan and SPI Dynamics' WebInspect, through a demanding and broad series of tests to see if they perform as advertised. A third company, Kavado, which makes ScanDo, declined to participate in ... Access >>>

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