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Published: 20 Oct 2012

The reality of any new technology, security or otherwise, rarely lives up to its promise. Once you move past the bright sheen of the product brochures and top-level user interfaces, only the practicalities of implementing the product in the real world remain. This is especially true of newer technologies we have little prior experience with, where our product expectations are defined by marketing, the press, and the rare peer reference. It's only after these tools are tested in the real world, under full production conditions, that we really start learning how to either best implement them, or kick them back to the vendor for a little more polish (and a compelling business use). Data loss prevention (DLP) is one of the most promising, and least understood, security technologies to emerge during the last few years. It dangles promises of ubiquitous content protection before our eyes, with shadows of complexity and costs glooming over its shoulder. As with everything, the reality is somewhere in-between. We've interviewed dozens of DLP users (including our own... Access >>>

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    • Tabletop exercises sharpen security and business continuity

      Delaware's Dept. of Technology and Information conducts annual incident response exercises that test the readiness of state agencies to respond to real attacks. Learn how simulated cyberattacks and incident response exercises help organizations prevent future attacks and maintain business continuity.

    • Data loss prevention benefits in the real world by Rich Mogull

      DLP promises strong data protection via content inspection and security monitoring, but real-world implementations can be complex and expensive; these eight real-world lessons help you use DLP to its fullest.

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