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March 2008

E-Discovery Compliance Requires Security Pros to Think As Lawyers Do

When it comes to e-discovery, temporarily hang up your security hat. Within any profession, but seemingly prevalent in technology, there are those who talk the talk, and those who walk the walk. Talkers are classic know-it-alls who talk their way through anything--and wouldn't let anyone know they're in way over their head. Walkers know what they're doing--and when they don't, aren't afraid to take pause. Every now and again, the talker is called out--sometimes through a mistake or by someone with deeper technical expertise. While everyone makes mistakes, when it comes to handling e-discovery requests, errors or lack of knowledge can be damaging, costly, and simply unforgiving. E-discovery begs the ultimate collision of legal and technology worlds. A retooling of thought toward a legal mindset is necessary to properly handle e-discovery requests. "Winging" a response or approach to a request isn't sufficient. Not only do you need to know what you're doing, but you have to be willing to acknowledge and learn what you don't know. ...

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  • Comparative Product Review: Six Web Application Firewalls

    No longer can security managers focus only on perimeter and host security. The application has become the prime target for hackers. We review six leading Web application firewalls from Barracuda, Bee Ware, Breach Security, Citrix, F5 and Imperva that help deliver your critical apps securely.

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