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Charles Cresson Wood Published: 19 Dec 2012

Justifying Risk Assessments Plug Security Holes Determine Security Requirements Justify Spending Review Purchases Improve Planning See the Big Picture Increase Motivation Sell Infosecurity Preempt Surprises Document Due Diligence Scrutinizing expenses is a primary responsibility of senior executives. They won't approve a single purchase order unless you show a benefit. As a security manager, you know that organization-wide security risk assessments are expensive. Examiners and auditors from the Big 4 will charge huge fees -- as much as $500 per hour -- to comb your network for vulnerabilities, inefficiencies and noncompliance with security policies and standards. And what do you get for it? A big stack of paper filled with barely comprehensible technobabble. The corner office can't easily appreciate that. You know you need a risk assessment to show that you're secure and to find the problems that expose your enterprise to risk. But how do you sell your CFO on that expensive proposition? My advice: Use these 10 risk assessment benefits to show that a risk ... Access >>>

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