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Andrew Briney Published: 19 Dec 2012

Quick: Your job as a security manager is to secure the: A. Network B. Applications C. Data D. Users Actually, it's a trick question. The answer is none of the above. Your job is to secure the business. No problem, you say. I've got firewalls, DMZs, IDSes, authentication servers. Wrong answer. Securing the business isn't about point technologies or security architecture. It's not even about policy. It's about presenting security-relevant data in a business context. It's about cost-justifying decisions based on risk models, not unpredictable threats and arbitrary vulnerabilities. It's about framing the security message in a way that motivates the stakeholders who drive business strategy and sign security PO's. In short, it's about security business intelligence (BI). BI is the latest management catchphrase for next-generation data warehousing. Where data warehousing focuses on data integration, BI is concerned with data governance -- the practice of using integrated data to make strategic business decisions about expenditures, workflow and product quality. To ... Access >>>

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