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October 2005

Antivirus: F-Secure's Anti-Virus Client Security 6.0

Anti-Virus Client Security 6.0 F-Secure Price: $72 per seat @exb F-Secure's Anti-Virus Client Security 6.0 @exe Enterprise computing is a far more dangerous environment than it was three years ago. Mobile workers with high-speed connections and the exponential increase of Internet-facing applications expose the IT infrastructure to new vulnerabilities while increasing the burden of systems management. In the last year, spyware has emerged as a major corporate threat, and the latest viruses and worms spread incredibly quickly, bypassing conventional AV, which may no longer be a viable defense mechanism. F-Secure's Anti-Virus Client Security (AVCS) 6.0 is designed to take on this Medusa of threats with an enterprise-class suite that combines AV, desktop firewall, intrusion prevention, antispyware, application control and virus news in one tightly integrated product. Its robust central management provides an easy and cost-efficient way to deploy the client and monitor the security level of the network. AVCS was easy to install and ...

Features in this issue

  • Security Seven Awards

    Seven winners. Seven verticals. Countless achievements.
    Education: Dave Dittrich
    Financial Services: Christofer Hoff
    Telecommunications: Edward Amoroso
    Government: Charles McGann
    Energy: Richard Jackson
    Manufacturing: Hans-Ottmar Beckmann
    Health Care: Patrick Heim
    Profiles by Michael S. Mimoso, Bill Brenner, Herman Mehling, Susan Hildreth, Mark Baard

  • Antispyware: Blue Coat Systems' Spyware Interceptor SI-1

    Blue Coat Systems' Spyware Interceptor SI-1

  • SQL Server 2005 Premieres

    Next month, Microsoft adds a star-studded cast of security features to its database system.

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