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Published: 24 Oct 2012

@exb Ciscogate Ciscogate, the high-profile security standoff between former ISS researcher Mike Lynn and Cisco over the disclosure of a flaw in the IOS router operating system, stirred heavy emotions around responsible vulnerability disclosure and whether there is security in obscurity. Attorney Jennifer Granick, who represented Lynn, is an advocate of responsible disclosure. She provides perspective on this case and what issues it may raise for the future of cyberlaw. @exe What has this case done for full disclosure advocates? It's gotten people talking about it. Most in the security community feel the amount of information Mike disclosed was completely responsible. In fact, some would say it was not full disclosure--it would have been if he had released exploit code. Cisco charged that Lynn crossed the line and provided too much information, including trade secrets. What does the law say about trade secrets in this regard? There were no trade secrets at stake here. Mike didn't have the source code, he had the binaries--the product Cisco distributes. ... Access >>>

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