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Access "Collaboration with auditors will benefit information security programs"

Published: 20 Oct 2012

So it's coming up on the end of the calendar year (and for many, the fiscal year), which means it's time for one of the least favorite activities for security professionals. No, not budgeting, but audits. Yet rather than dread audits, we should actively look forward to them. Why? Because, to be frank, auditors as a rule get a lot more respect from the C-suite than we do. This means that auditors can be, and often are, our best chance to show what a good job we are doing and to get security projects funded. SOX 404, PCI and other regulations have only made this truer. Why do auditors have this advantage? They are viewed as independent observers who are supposed to report to executives in an unbiased manner using their controls as a metric. Most companies have two sets of auditors: internal auditors who help prep the company for the external audit, and external auditors who report their findings to the SEC. An open secret, however, is that most auditors as a rule want to help make your company and your security program better. Translation: the auditors are and... Access >>>

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