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Access "Host-based intrusion prevention addresses server, desktop security"

Published: 20 Oct 2012

Patty Long has a thousand reasons to deploy host-based intrusion prevention: 1,000 DMZ servers, database servers and application servers. "We were looking across the organization and trying to touch every single application, every server where data--participant data, sponsor data, plan data--would transverse our environment, to make sure we have every point where it's at rest or could pass through covered," says Long, who is with ING's Secu- rity and Risk Management Department. She deployed Third Brigade Deep Security at CitiStreet, which was acquired by ING Group this year (now part of ING Wealth Management). Most people still think in terms of the original host-based intrusion prevention systems (HIPS) technologies, which monitored OS system calls for anomalous behavior. The best known were Okena's StormWatch, which evolved into Cisco Systems' Cisco Security Agent (CSA), and Entercept Security Technologies, whose products became McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention. Today, HIPS encompasses many technologies to protect servers and/or desktops and laptops. Many ... Access >>>

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