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November 2008

Product Review: Deepdive's DD300

DATA DISCOVERY DD300 REVIEWED BY GREGG BRAUNTON Deepdive Technologies Price: $18,000 To protect the important data on your network, you have to be able to identify what information you care about, locate it and report. Deepdive's DD300 appliance helps you manage this daunting task with its powerful search capabilities. Setup and Discovery B+   The DD300 interface is a modern .NET Win32 application that installs in seconds. Built on proprietary Linux and hardware ASICs, the DD300 plugs passively into any network and readily accepts a DHCP address. Configuration walks you through all initial network settings. It can be up and running in minutes. You can do network discovery or specify known targets. The DD300 will report all network file shares advertised on any host. Discovery is benign, using a standard RPC call requesting available shares. It's also quick, but enumerating the shares on the hosts does take time. We conducted our test discovery on a local subnet using the range of IP address option. The resulting enumeration of ...

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