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Access "Using a managed file transfer for secure data transmission, exchange"

Published: 20 Oct 2012

Data has to move. Whether you are in manufacturing, financial services, entertainment, government, health care, pharmaceuticals -- whatever your business -- moving files, often big files, to and from departments, business units, partners, customers, etc., is at the heart of your operation. Every organization has some way of getting files from place to place, person to person. It may be FTP or VPN, probably a home-grown solution using batch scripts, maybe with some file encryption and/or digital signing for some security. That gets you from point A to point B, but where's the audit trail? Where's the accountability? How do you know the files got where they needed to go and to the right people, or if they were even sent? And how do you manage secure transmission and exchange all this data while keeping operational costs down? Managed file transfer (MFT) software and products have grown into a $500 million-a-year business to meet the increasing security, compliance and operational demands of moving information. "It's never just been an issue of security, ... Access >>>

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