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May 2008

Product review: CodeArmor 2.2 for Microsoft .NET

APPLICATION SECURITY CodeArmor 2.2 for Microsoft .NET REVIEWED BY STEVEN WEIL V.i. Labs Price: Starts at $18,500 for enterprise applications Crackers use sophisticated debuggers, disassemblers, virtual machines, and other reverse engineering tools to undo software protection mechanisms. The result? Your company's products can become part of the multi-billion dollar software piracy industry, you intellectual property could be stolen, or your code compromised by embedded malware. CodeArmor 2.2 for Microsoft .NET is among a class of application hardening products that can protect an organization's applications without requiring their modification. Using deep encryption techniques, it is designed to frustrate even highly skilled crackers. It provides stronger protection than standard obfuscation techniques used by developers, available license protections or hardware dongles, which can be bypassed. Configuration and Management B+   Installation was fast and easy. CodeArmor runs on Windows XP/2003/Vista and can protect .NET 2 and 3 ...

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