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Published: 20 Oct 2012

How Do You Spell Data Governance? P-o-l-i-c-y Regarding the Perspectives column by Julie Tower-Pierce ("Think Like a Lawyer," March 2008) there is a very crucial word missing: policy. One of the most important aspects of any healthy e-discovery strategy is policy governing how data is handled, retained, destroyed and retrieved. Without standing policy (i.e., one you did not create after being served a subpoena) that spells out how your organization handles its data, you will find yourself on the very wrong end of a judge's orders requiring the (very expensive) production of records...and perhaps in need of refreshing your resume...or worse. Stephen Yelick Information technology security administrator, Macomb County, Mich. Open Source Does the Job I just finished reading "Encrypt Them All" (February 2008), and I have to admit that I am surprised that the open source solution, TrueCrypt, was never mentioned. We have been using SecureDoc for many years and recently decided to give TrueCrypt a try as an alternative. I must admit, I was thoroughly surprised. ... Access >>>

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