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August 2006

Secure Reads: Steganography and the art of covert communication

We take a look at three security titles sure to be mainstays on your bookshelf. This month, we decode secure communications: Hiding in Plain Sight: Steganography and the Art of Covert Communication By Eric Cole Wiley Publishing, 333 pages, $35 Cole explores the basics of hiding messages within seemingly ho-hum files, a technique used throughout history as a means of secretly communicating. He includes fictionalized stories of his experiences as a CIA researcher, insight on steganography tools and how to apply them to corporate communications. User's Guide to Cryptography and Standards By Alex W. Dent & Chris J. Mitchell Artech House, 382 pages, $89 The authors talk crypto from the user's point of view, with practical comparisons of cryptography standards and how they're implemented. They also help you choose the standards best suited to your business, while providing the nuts and bolts on encryption, hash-functions, digital signatures, PKI and more. Practical Cryptography By Niels Ferguson & Bruce Schneier Wiley Publishing, 410 ...

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