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Published: 18 Oct 2012

A Friend to the Budget-Constrained Bravo to Shawn Moyer for the informative and insightful "Brick By Brick" (Bits and Bolts, September 2006), which demonstrates the value that free open-source software (FOSS) can provide to budget-constrained infosecurity departments. The high cost of enterprise-grade security appliances should not mean that the smaller players are left without any options; and FOSS can often fill that need. Information security professionals owe it to themselves to take a closer look at these software options. I believe that FOSS projects, like OpenBSD and ModSecurity, deserve more attention than they are getting from the media. I look forward to more articles like this. Alex Di Giuseppe Information security consultant, Securis Networks Call to Action While we want to thank you for Steve Weil's recent iPolicy ISM Express 1000 product review (Products, September 2006), we at iPolicy Networks note the device security issue and rating with great concern. Typically, management appliances are placed in internal private network segments protected... Access >>>

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