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Published: 17 Oct 2012

For more visibility into your security posture and smoother compliance, picture what a security information management system can do for you. More information from Learn more about SIMs in our webcast with Lenny Zeltser. Visit our resource center for SIM product reviews. Feeling overwhelmed by all the security data your network generates? What infosecurity chief isn't? It's hard to get a good security posture assessment when you've got to pore through countless logs from disparate sources and then make sense of it all. That's why security information management (SIM) systems -- also referred to as security event management (SEM) -- have become increasingly popular. In a nutshell, these systems automate the process of looking through logs. They normalize and store data, correlate it, help produce effective reports, issue alerts, and do forensics. Once you establish what's important and what you want to achieve, a security information management system can make it happen. And in this age of regulation, organizations need this added ... Access >>>

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