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September 2011

Microsoft BlueHat prize wins over Black Hat Crowd

Microsoft is seeking new ways to block attackers from targeting weaknesses in Windows and other products and hopes a new contest could help fuel innovative security defenses. The software giant’s BlueHat Prize, a year-long contest, aims to foster  research into new technologies that prevent attackers from targeting memory safety vulnerabilities, an area the company says has been its main focus. The contest was announced against the backdrop of the Black Hat 2011 security conference, where independent researchers and other infosec pros highly praised it.  “Even people critical of Microsoft are seeing this as the company putting money behind the idea of trying to prevent problems in creative ways,” says Jack Daniel, a noted security expert and product manager at Tenable Network Security. “This moves us from thinking that maybe the bad guys know about a vulnerability to actually hardening systems before they are shipped, so it’s aiming in the right direction and should be encouraged.” The top three winners of the Microsoft BlueHat ...

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