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February 2007

Editor's Desk: Can someone call an exterminator?

Flaw finders are packaging their efforts into slick month-of bug projects. But are we more secure for it? As this industry matures, even the bug finders are getting a little slick. They've taken a few pages from the vendors' playbook and recently productized their findings--packaging and launching them in what they've called "month-of" projects. It all started last summer with the month of the browser bugs, followed by the month of kernel bugs and the month of Apple bugs. It sounds like a good idea on paper. You force the hand of vendors to fix known bugs. But the vendors are inundated with bugs (unfortunately) and haven't seemed to react to these tactics. Instead the month-of projects are just giving hackers easier access to information. Next I want to highlight a story that was driven by our editorial advisory board. Since many members work at multinational organizations, our board asked for more information on global security and privacy regulations. And rightly so. It doesn't get more confusing than the raft of global ...

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