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February 2007

Information security blueprint for architecture and systems

A formalized architecture diagrams how To handle the changing threat and regulatory environments. Every so often, something beastly crosses the desk of an enterprise security manager. Be it a digital disaster or a new regulatory mandate, these nasties have transformed a CISO's professional existence into a series of policy and process adjustments, and reallocations of resources. Any measure of standardization and repeatability becomes a welcome ally in warding off the effects of a shift in the threat or regulatory environment. Jim Brockett takes heed, but isn't fazed, by the sophistication of new phishing schemes or insider threats. Shifts in the landscape mean the senior vice president and CIO of Washington Trust Bank, a $3.5 billion regional commercial bank in the Pacific Northwest, reaches for the virtual blueprints of his security architecture. These steps are the foundation of his enterprise's security program, the pillars upon which customer and proprietary data is kept safe and auditors and the board of directors are ...

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