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Published: 24 Oct 2012

Security vendors are taking the battle against botnets to ISPs and carriers, whose role puts them in a unique position to combat this pervasive and elusive menace. Not long ago, ISPs and carriers regarded security as what The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy's Douglas Adams characterized as a "SEP"--Somebody Else's Problem--invisible if it wasn't your concern. No more. As spam and malware inundate their customers, ISPs are making security an intrinsic part of their service and a prime marketing tool. "The overwhelming concern is spam," says Paul Moriarity, director of product development for antimalware company Trend Micro. "Service providers are very concerned about their reputation and bandwidth utilization." Trend and startup Simplicita Software are early players in this market. Trend will offer a custom service solution, now in beta programs with customers; Simplicita sells its ZBX architecture as a three-component product package. It's a big enough problem to get service providers' attention. Customers may get pulled off the Net until their zombied PCs ... Access >>>

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