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Published: 16 Oct 2012

Mergers and Acquisitions Security By Edward P. Halibozek and Dr. Gerald L. Kovacich Elsevier, 250 pages, $39.95 Rarely a week goes by without some company merging with or buying another firm. Security managers play a complicated triple role in the process, providing security services to the acquisition team, helping to evaluate the effectiveness of the target company's security program and integrating the two security organizations. @exb Mergers and Acquisitions Security @exe In Mergers and Acquisitions Security: Corporate Restructuring and Security Management, Edward Halibozek and Gerald Kovacich bring these roles to light, if in a roundabout way, and show how security managers are integral parts of the merger and acquisition (M&A) process. This is not a book about computer security-- the intended audience is the security executive who oversees physical and IT security. But there is good information for those security pros who lack experience with this type of expansion. Charts, bullet points, case studies and discussions of the business drivers behind M&As... Access >>>

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