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Published: 15 Oct 2012

EXPOSE Finding a comprehensive identity and access management architecture requires leadership to navigate the technology and implementation labyrinth. No need to beat around the bush—passwords stink. No one—users, administrators, security pros—likes them, and for good reason. Despite password policies, users persist in repeating poor password choices— their dog's name, birthdays, favorite colors. Getting them to apply fixed alpha-numeric combinations at least seven characters long is a security fantasy, but shops trying to enforce strong password policies often discover that passwords aren't free. Heck, they aren't even cheap. According to recent statistics, 25 to 30 percent of all help desk calls are password-related, the average cost per call is $25, and the average user makes roughly four of these calls per year. Then, there are the omnipresent dangers of skilled social engineers who are able to con even the savviest of users into revealing their passwords. It's time to place authentication in its rightful place as an important component in a ... Access >>>

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