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Published: 15 Oct 2012

Sana Security's Primary Response 3.0 Sana Security Price: Starts at $875 @exb Sana Security's Primary Response 3.0 @exe Host-based intrusion prevention is often regarded as more or less a point security technology for protecting critical servers. But the increasing threat posed by mobile devices gives new urgency to endpoint security, and improved management tools, agent technology and faster networks have made host IPS a more attractive enterprise proposition. Sana Security has significantly enhanced the value of Primary Response by extending its heuristics-based protection to desktops (Windows 2000 Professional and XP Professional) in version 3.0. Server agents are supported on Windows 2000/2003 and Solaris 8. (Solaris 9 and Linux are in beta.) The ability to centrally aggregate, correlate and respond to reports of anomalous behavior across multiple machines makes Primary Response more than a point tool for protecting individual hosts. For example, if a machine suddenly reports IRC traffic through TCP port 10087--indicative of a worm attack--the event ... Access >>>

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