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Published: 15 Oct 2012

Have you been hacked and don't know it? Unfortunately, stealth hacking occurs because many security managers and admins aren't looking for clues or don't know what to look for. How often do your admins actually check their server logs? They're often too busy to wade through reams of log data. And, even if you've got an especially diligent admin, he may tell you, "I've seen lots of stuff, but so what? Everything is running smoothly." But what if you came across this piece of gibberish? viewtopic.php?t=%33%32&rush=%65%63%68%6F%20%5F%53%54%41%52%54%5F%3B%20%63%64%20%2E%2E%2F%3B%65%63%68%6F%20%44%61%72%6B%2D%55%6E%64%65%72% Nonsense? Not At All. It's part of the message, "Dark Underground was here." This is the wake-up call. Some hackers like to leave calling cards to boast of their work. It may seem like a simple defacement, but it could be a clue that something really bad is going on under the placid surface. Unfortunately, you can't assume that every hacker is going to "sign" his work. Finding that covert intruder takes a combination of good logging strategy,... Access >>>

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