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June 2005

Ping: Robby Ann Hamlin

There is always a storm on the wireless security front. Robby Ann Hamlin's job, as unit chief in the FBI's department of IT security, is keeping those thunderheads at bay. The former federal police officer and security professional is responsible for securing the FBI's field offices and mobile agents against digital threats. She took some time to answer our questions about wireless security. How do you secure the FBI's mobile users and field agents? Education is our first line of defense. We have to ensure our agents and employees are aware of vulnerabilities inherent within the devices they use. The challenge for all is awaiting U.S. government-approved standards and security technologies that can keep up with emerging threats--which is virtually impossible. Do enterprises underestimate the security risks associated with wireless? Absolutely. The problem arises from not having standard, government-approved wireless projects that include security. This results in well-intended ad hoc solutions by engineers who have not included ...

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