Back to basics: Endpoint security on a budget

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Back to basics: Endpoint security on a budget

Evolving threats -- like new malware and untracked sensitive data -- coupled with a difficult economy make protecting the endpoint more important than ever. In this lesson, learn strategies to create a strong endpoint security program on a shoestring budget.

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Tip: How to find sensitive information on the endpoint

Worried that your enterprise endpoints may be harboring sensitive information like credit card numbers or Social Security numbers? Fear not. Mike Chapple offers algorithms and tools to conduct a search and advice on dealing with the results.

Podcast: Curveball: Endpoint encryption strategies

When a laptop turns up stolen, it's reassuring to know that the contents of the device were encrypted, transforming a potentially disastrous data breach into a simple case of missing hardware. In this podcast we look at the issues surrounding the use of encryption to secure data stored on endpoint computers.

Quiz: Endpoint security on a budget

Take this five-question quiz and test your knowledge of low-cost endpoint security techniques.

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Video: Enterprise endpoint security fundamentals

When times are tight, we’re all called upon to make more efficient use of the financial and human resources under our control. Chances are you’ve been asked to take a hard look at your security budget over the past year and identify areas where you can make sacrifices to improve the bottom line. In this video, we take a “back to basics” look at endpoint security in the enterprise and help you identify the truly critical components of your enterprise security program.