Best Web Security Products 2011

Readers' Choice Awards 2011

Best Web Security Products 2011

Readers vote on the best Web security products, including software and hardware, hosted Web services for inbound and outbound content filtering for malware activity detection and prevention.

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Websense Web Security Gateway

Websense Web Security Gateway earned the gold medal among readers this year. Web Security Gateway offers comprehensive Web security protection against a variety of attacks, including social media threats.

The product uses a variety of protection features and solutions, including antivirus with composite risk scoring technology for advanced threat mitigation and prevention, embedded data loss prevention (DLP) controls, individual data classification within websites, and Web, email and data security consolidation into a single unified architecture for comprehensive security..It combines multiple techniques, including reputation analysis, real-time browser code scanning and data fingerprinting to detect threats. The product’s scores were high across the board, but users specifically praised the product for its comprehensive and customizable reporting and alerting features, detection capabilities of both known and unknown Web-based threats, flexible policy creation and enforcement, including URL filtering and application control, and ease of installation, configuration and administration. Users also said they’re getting their money’s worth with Web Security Gateway, and rated the product highly for return on investment.

Expert's market reflection:
”Security vendors are innovating with use of the Web including technology for better spotting of botnet communications, identifying suspicious sites by reputation factors, and reducing scanning burdens with intelligent caches.”
— Eric Ogren, founder, The Ogren Group

McAfee Web Gateway

McAfee’s Web Gateway product is designed to provide effective and immediate protection against malware and other threats with analysis of all content and code entering a network. The product uses a layered security approach, combining both local and cloud-based protection, as well as data loss prevention technology, reporting tools and customizable dashboards. Readers awarded McAfee Web Gateway the silver medal, giving it high marks across the board. Specifically, they liked its flexible policy creation and enforcement, including URL filtering and application control, its detection capabilities of both known and unknown Web-based threats, and its reporting and alerting features.

Blue Coat Systems Blue Coat ProxySG

Blue Cost Systems
Blue Coat’s ProxySG Web security gateway offers real-time Web protection and gives users control over Web traffic by combining on-site controls with cloud-based controls, including user authentication, Web filtering, data loss prevention, inspection and validation of SSL-encrypted traffic, content caching, bandwidth management and stream-splitting. The product’s detection capabilities for known Web-based threats, its granular policy creation and enforcement and comprehensive reporting and alerting features earned it a bronze medal from readers. Readers were less impressed with the solution’s detection capabilities of unknown Web-based threats and vendor support services.