Network content monitoring must-haves

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Network Content Monitoring

Technologies that monitor how data moves in and out of organizations are rapidly intersecting. Data loss prevention, digital rights management and database activity monitoring, just to mention a few, all have overlapping functions and purposes not only to secure data but to help organizations with their compliance mandates. In this security school, you’ll learn about these intersections and how to best prioritize and strategize for your data protection investments.

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About the expert: Mike Chapple is an IT security professional with the University of Notre Dame and a technical editor for

In this part:

Webcast: Content monitoring in the enterprise

This presentation offers a strategic look at enterprise content monitoring and provides guidance on how key technologies can underpin necessary control sets for your organization.

Podcast: Top Five Ways to Detect Unwanted Data in the Enterprise

Our file servers, workstations, flash drives and cloud services all contain massive amounts of data, driven by the fact that storage has quickly become an inexpensive commodity. It’s often cheaper to just keep everything than to expend time and energy sorting through outdated, irrelevant or inapplicable data. However, this practice can dramatically increase risk to the enterprise by increasing the amount of data vulnerable to an attack. In this podcast, we look at five ways that you can detect the presence of unwanted data in your environment.

Tip: Metadata security and preventing leakage of sensitive information

Without accounting for metadata security, sensitive document data can easily be extracted. Mike Chapple explores technologies to support metadata security.

Quiz: Network content monitoring must-haves

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