Security Countermeasures for malicious email code:

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Countermeasures for malicious email code

Enterprises are now facing numerous evolving threats like zero-day exploits, botnets and phishing schemes. In this lesson, attendees will get an overview of the email threat landscape, tips for malware protection success and guidance on the future of email attacks.

About the author:
Tom Bowers is managing director of consulting firm Security Constructs.

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  • Quiz: Countermeasures for malicious email code

    Messaging Security School -  A five-question multiple-choice quiz to test your understanding of the content presented in Countermeasures for malicious email code lesson of's Messaging Security School.

  • Podcast: Fact or fiction -- The future of email attacks

    Podcast -  What will the future hold regarding email attacks? In this expert podcast, Tom Bowers will confirm or debunk a number of common beliefs about what's coming next.

  • Strategic considerations for an integrated malware defense

    Tip -  Not only does it take several technologies to keep an enterprise malware free, but those pieces must fit together like a well-crafted puzzle. Tom Bowers explains which product categories are must-haves and what to consider when putting your assembling...