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Data encryption demystified

Tom Bowers
Five years ago, security professionals needed a deep understanding of cryptography to make encryption work. Today, thanks to advancements in "practical" cryptography, data encryption is more user-friendly, and easier to implement and manage across multiple applications. But there are still many complex decisions to make. This lesson will "demystify" the complexity around encryption and provide security managers with a practical deployment roadmap.

About the author:
Tom Bowers is managing director of consultancy Security Constructs.

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Video: Data encryption techniques and methods for protecting data

According to a survey of more than 608 enterprise security pros, 80% of enterprises say they need a better strategy for protecting data. This video will highlight different data encryption techniques and methods, and help you discover the options, challenges and risks associated with different data encryption approaches and how to implement and use data encryption to protect sensitive company data.

Tip: Data encryption methods: Lay out the options for your customer

Rich Mogull of Securosis explains why partners need to live up their name and team up with customers on encryption implemenation and integration.

Tip: How to conduct a data classification assessment

Before businesses safeguard mission-critical data, they must know how to conduct data classification processes. Even though it is time-consuming and involves many steps, as Tom Bowers writes, data classification makes it easier to figure out where an...

Podcast: Fact or fiction: Pros and cons of database encryption

According to our latest survey of more than 608 enterprise security pros, 80% of enterprises say protecting data is more important in 2007 than last year, and 72% admit they need a better strategy. When you are encrypting data within a database you have two basic choices: encrypting the entire database or encrypting specific fields at the data level. This podcast explains the pros and cons of each approach.

Quiz: Demystifying data encryption

A five-question multiple-choice quiz to test your understanding of the data encryption content presented by expert Tom Bowers in this lesson of's Data Protection Security School.

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