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Database defenses for a new era of threats

Rich Mogull, Securosis
All too often, precious corporate databases containing customer records and other sensitive data are forgotten or ignored. This lesson offers an overview of the basic tools needed to secure a company's databases against today's emerging and most dangerous threats.

About the author:
Rich Mogull is the founder of Securosis LLC, an independent security research firm and consulting practice.

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Podcast: The top 5 things you can do to lock down your database right now

Implementing security measures to secure database installations is an important, but overwhelming task. This expert podcast will provide you with a practical guide of immediate steps that you can take to eliminate common vulnerabilities found in database deployments.

Tip: The ins and outs of database encryption

While pundits and gurus may say the "easy" data protection option is for an enterprise to encrypt its entire database, the truth is it's much harder than many realize. In this tip, database security expert Rich Mogull examines the two primary use cases.

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