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E-discovery and security in the enterprise

The new Federal Rules for Civil Procedure now allow a judge to request electronically stored information, and the inability to respond can be costly.

In this lesson, learn about updates to the FRCP and how to prepare for ligitation, and understand the technologies that can assist in the process.

About the expert:
Frank Lagorio, JD, is principal analyst for Contoural Inc.

In this part:

Webcast: FRCP requirements force new thinking on e-discovery policy

In this presentation, Frank Lagorio discusses e-discovery policy best practices under FRCP requirements, how to get started and pitfalls to avoid.

Tip: Easing e-discovery preparation by mapping enterprise data

With a well-planned data retention policy, an organization can often avoid tracking down old data when served with an e-discovery request. In this tip, Stephen Foskett highlights the linchpin of a data retention policy, the ESI map, including what it...

Podcast: Top 5 pitfalls when it comes to e-discovery

Since the e-discovery amendments are less than one year old, businesses commonly make compliance mistakes. For instance, are users following the corporate policy? Does your organization even have a legally defensible policy? Can you save what you need to?

Quiz: E-discovery and security in the enterprise

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