Endpoint security management: Fixing endpoint problems with NAC

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Fixing endpoint problems with NAC

Contaminated network endpoints are a top concern within 75% of organizations, according to a recent SearchSecurity.com survey of nearly 900 IT professionals. It's a problem that is increasingly becoming one that networking and security teams must solve together.

In this lesson, network security luminary Joel Snyder outlines the latest endpoint security options, the elements essential to every endpoint security strategy and advice for when it's time to select a new endpoint security product.

In this part:

Video: NAC and endpoint security: The hard questions

Joel Snyder covers challenging endpoint security questions and explains how NAC technology can address them.

Tip: Essential elements of a network access control (NAC) endpoint security strategy

This endpoint protection tutorial discuss several aspects of endpoint protection, including how to use endpoint fingerprinting, how to create an endpoint security lifecycle, how to solve problems related to insecure endpoints.

Podcast: Top 5 most important questions to ask endpoint security vendors

After the endpoint security assessment is over and it's time to go talk to vendors, how can you tell between a song and a dance, and what you can truly expect out of a product?

Quiz: Locking down endpoint security

A five-question multiple-choice quiz to test your understanding of the content presented by expert Joel Snyder in this lesson of SearchSecurity.com's Integration of Networking and Security School.

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