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Managing BYOD endpoint security

Mobility has rendered the network perimeter moot. Laptops, smartphones and tablets extend the enterprise to new limits, taking data and applications to those same new limits. In the meantime, securing those devices and data becomes a much more difficult proposition, not only because of geography but also because of the multitude of platforms that must be supported. This Security School lesson will break down those challenges and help you develop and over-arching security strategy that cuts across the myriad threats and platforms inside your organization.

About the expert: Craig Mathias is principal with Farpoint Group, an Ashland, Mass.-based advisory firm specializing in wireless and mobile technologies, products, services, and systems.

In this part:

Webcast: Tactical Success for Multiplatform Endpoint Security

In this presentation, Craig Mathias discusses the hottest trend in enterprise IT today: BYOD. This discussion focuses on bring your own device (BYOD) security challenges, security techniques and management strategies. Mathias offers key recommendations for a successful BYOD program.

Tip: Why an iOS and Android strategy makes sense

Learn about key considerations for BYOD platform support choices and why an enterprise BYOD program should consider iOS and Android as its default platforms.

Podcast: Five steps to a successful BYOD security strategy

The BYOD paradigm has many quantifiable benefits, but introduces new challenges in securing enterprise networks and sensitive data. In this podcast, Craig Mathias countdowns to the top five steps in ensuring a successful BYOD security strategy. The discussion focuses on policies, procedures, and employee education.

Quiz: Managing BYOD endpoint security

In this six question quiz, test your knowledge of our Security School lesson on managing BYOD endpoint security.

Quiz: Managing BYOD endpoint...