Security Microsoft Exchange Server security: Spam prevention and recovery:

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Microsoft Exchange Server security: Spam prevention and recovery

Learn how to protect your Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 environment from spam and Web-based attacks. Instructor Lee Benjamin also takes a look at Exchange Server 2007's key security features.

About the author:
Lee is Chairman of ExchangeServerBoston and Director for BostonUsersGroups, an umbrella organization of over 50 user groups in New England. He is also an analyst at Ferris Research.

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  • Podcast: Exchange security -- A quick primer

    Podcast -  Today's complex Exchange environments are costly and difficult to protect and secure from threats like spam, spyware, malware and viruses. This 12-minute expert podcast features a summary of the key issues pertaining to the security of Microsoft Exchange...

  • VPN or RPC/HTTPS? Both have their place

    Tip -  Some security practitioners may debate which access method is best for ensuring secure, remote access to Exchange, but as Lee Benjamin explains, both VPNs and RPC over HTTPS can be effective strategies, depending on an organization's needs.

  • Quiz: Securing Microsoft Exchange

    Messaging Security School -  A five-question multiple-choice quiz to test your understanding of the content presented in this lesson of's Messaging Security School.