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Mitigating Web 2.0 threats

David Sherry, Brown University
As companies look to cut costs, Software as a Service has gained ground in the enterprise. Similarly, social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are must-haves in today's workplace. David Sherry reviews how to secure these services and defend against a variety of Web 2.0 threats.

About the author:
David Sherry is chief information security officer at Brown University.

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Video: Corporate Web 2.0 Threats FAQ

In this expert video, you will learn about Web 2.0 software, the threats it poses, and whether the benefits outweigh the risks. Key areas covered include the threats posed by services like Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn, as well as wikis and blogs.

Tip: How to implement and enforce a social networking security policy

For a new generation of employees entering the workforce, social networking isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. Yet not all enterprises understand that failing to consider social networking security can lead to unfortunate consequences.

Podcast: Fact or fiction- The security risks of cloud computing

Check out this expert podcast and learn about the benefits of cloud computing and SaaS and get tips for addressing the security challenges of these business options.

Quiz: Mitigating Web 2.0 threats

Take this five-question quiz to test your knowledge of social networking sites, software-as-a-service and common Web attacks and threats.

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